the lounge

The first Grappa bar in Korea, Grappa is a tiny lounge on top of a tiny skyscraper in the nightlife center of Seoul. The main goal is to merge a traditional Asian platform with a European bench, in order to stimulate customers to drink the Italian Liquor-Grappa- in unconventional ways. We like the traditional platforms of the Korean restaurants, but our western legs start complaining after 20 minutes. In this lounge you can adjust your limbs in various ways whether you are an elastic asian bambino or a stiff Italian "harabuji". Wherever you are there will be a curvy wooden plane that wraps you up into a human “kimbap”.
그라빠 옥상층 라운지 계획의 주안점은 전통적인 동양식 데크에 유럽식 벤치를 어울리게 배치함으로써 이탈리아 주류인 그라빠를 색다른 방식으로 고객들이 즐길 수 있도록 하는 것이다. 목재의 나무부재는 좌식, 입식 좌석과 천장, 바 테이블을 만들면서 이 작은 공간을 하나의 카펫과 같이 연결시킨다.

Project: ELASTICO (Simone Carena, Stefano Pujatti, ALberto Delmaschio) + Marco Bruno
Design Team:
Simone Carena, Marco Bruno, Heejung Moon + Hyosun Chang (Management)
Location: Hongdae, South Korea, 2003
Photo by: Lee Ki Hwan
Published on: AnC, Dove, Best Restaurant, Maru, Gagu

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